SOIMA 2015

SOIMA workshop

September 2015

International SOIMA workshop and conference in Brussels, 27 August – 4 September, 2015.

As a pre-cursor to the two day SOIMA 2015 international conference, ICCROM and its partners organized a five-day intensive workshop on Sustaining Sound and Image Collections. The workshop was tailored to address the challenges of collecting, preserving, using and reusing sound, still and moving image content within the broader context of rapidly changing technology and shrinking resources. It focused on collection management issues in different institutional contexts that are unique to these types of materials. BAAC member Juozas Markauskas was teaching during the "Intellectual control of collections" sessions at the workshop.

The international conference titled “Unlocking Sound and Image Heritage” is making a call for fostering cross disciplinary collaboration and knowledge exchange, to ensure that this heritage is available in the future. The gathering was supported by an alliance of 15 national and international cultural institutions that work with such recordings, bringing together over 200 creators, collectors, cultural heritage practitioners, policy makers, innovators and business leaders from 40 countries. BAAC was represented at the conference by its member Vahur Puik and he presented a paper titled “ – Gamified Crowdsourcing of Geotags and Rephotos for Historic Photographs”

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