SOIMA 2015: Unlocking Sound & Image Heritage

See, Listen and Share! 

3 & 4 September 2015, Brussels (BE)
What? This is an international conference on ensuring a safe and creative future for sound and image heritage. Twelve national and international institutions are supporting the event.
Why? Recorded sound and images have captured our world, our lives and our imagination. Thanks to rapid advancements in social media and information technologies, it has become much easier to share and use sound and image content. Yet contrary to common perception, not all content is readily usable.

Today‚Äôs knowledge on preservation and access is fragmented, often trapped in separate areas of expertise, presenting a challenge to content collectors and users. 
How? The conference will bring together professionals and policy makers with an interest in sound and image preservation by focusing on four themes:
Memory, Intangible Heritage and Creative Expressions
Sustaining Sound and Image Heritage

Creative Use and Access
Education and Training: Current Needs and Future Possibilities
Join us! If you have unique audio, photographic or video records that deserve international attention, or if you are interested in digital preservation, creative use and access, join us in this inclusive and participatory event! The conference will feature inspirational talks by heritage practitioners, audiovisual experts, business leaders, educators and policy makers, and will showcase innovative examples of how sound and image heritage has been preserved, made accessible and used.
Collaboration, and exchange of information and know-how between institutions and specialists is key to unlocking this heritage!
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