BAAC at International Conference "ExCHange for a challenge"

Kocaeli, Turkey, March 2012

WATCH (World Association for the Protection of Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage in times of armed conflicts) co-organized the International Conference "ExCHange for a challenge" in higher education for restoration, conservation and risk management of works of art, in Kocaeli (Turkey) 1-3 March 2012. The conference was final step of the EU Project named ExCHange (Experience for change within the Cultural Heritage sector). The ExCHange project was born in the framework of cooperation between NGOs, Universities and Local Authorities.

BAAC was invited to present its position in session „Public Awareness on Audiovisual Art Works Conservation“ and paper about preservation of audiovisual heritage was presented by BAAC vice-president Juozas Markauskas. Presentation addressed questions of  preservation policy at administrative institutional context, main characteristics and value of audiovisual collections. In another session for NGO‘s,  Baltic Audiovisual Archival Council presented  their experience on regional and international awareness raising initiatives .