FOTIS - news from Estonia

March 2010, Tallinn



Estonian Film Archives is preserving  one of the biggest photocollections  in  Estonia, approximately ~1million  photos on various topics  since 1870-ies up to nowadays.The Historical Archive and State Archive have their photocollections too and the IT specialists built a new database to all archives and why not to other memory institutions . Digital era demands efforts from all of us -if you are not in internet you do not exist at all!


Some years ago we introduced our database FIS for  film and soundrecordings and on the 5th of March 2010 the database for photos FOTIS was ready  for demonstration.


Estonian archival system celebrated its 90th anniversary and the presentation of FOTIS was part of it. All Estonian  members of BAAC were invited and the discussion over database took place  afterwards.


You are welcome to visit the FOTIS website , where you can find 174 000 descriptions and 2400 photos. This year we started a digitalisation project and we hope next year  there will be  over 450 000 photos  in FOTIS.


 Ivi Tomingas