BAAC professional visit to SRF and National Library of Sweden

24 April 2009

The professional BAAC Broadcasters’ working group visit and meeting to SRF was organized by the BAAC with the aim of learning more about the implemented digitization activities and policies within the institution, and to answer specific questions emerging from the planned sound archive digitization project at Lithuanian Radio. The meeting was hosted by Gunnel Jönsson and attended by Dan Nyquist (SRF), Juozas Markauskas (Dizi, Lithuania) and Jonas Korys (Lithuanian National Radio and Television). 

SRF (Sveriges Radio Förvaltnings) provides support services for Swedish Radio and it is responsible for the maintenance of the sound archive, consisting of published records, in-house production and a sheet music library. The visitors were introduced to the digitisation workflow of analogue tapes, software and metadata standards used for the description of the digital files.

BAAC would like to thank Gunnel Jönsson for help in organising this visit.
Later that day, the BAAC Broadcasters’ working group was joined for a visit to the National Library of Sweden’s Audiovisual department by BAAC and BaltHerNet members. The National Library facility is situated just 10 minutes walk from the Radio and Television premises.

The delegation was warmly welcomed by André Wachholz, communications and research manager and Mikael Johanssonm migration technical manager, who showed slides presenting the State’s policy on preservation of audiovisual material. The presentation was followed by a tour of the digitisation rooms, where the actual work is carried out.

After the tour, BAAC board members gathered at Swedish Television for a Board meeting.

/Juozas Markauskas